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Sick Bay
USS Quapaw/Moctobi

Sick Bay

This page is used to post brief announcements of any shipmates
that are seriously ill or hospitalized.
Since former Quapaw crew members are scattered world wide, it is difficult, if not impossible to keep track of all of the crew. If you hear or know of any of your former shipmates who
are ill and might appreciate hearing from an old shipmate
please send me an
Email message that states the illness,date, members name, email address, and any other
information you'd like to see included.

This notification allows former shipmates to:

  1. Give their buddies a call to cheer them up and wish them a speedy recovery.
  2. Send an appropriate card that will bring a smile to their faces.
  3. To say a prayer
Please give them a call or drop them a line.

Jan. 2006 -Clyde Wilcox, having surgery on knees. Wish you a speedy recovery, Clyde.

USS Quapaw ATF110


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