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Moctobi Crew List

We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other.

Member Information

Due to privacy reasons, we will not include address's or Phone Numbers of members.
Consult the Webmaster or another member. If you would like your Email included
Please send the Webmaster an Email.......Thank You

Welcome New Members and Shipmates- Good to have you back aboard.
Name                 Rank/Rank    Year Served
SELRES Crews are marked in RED

Aldred, E. D. EM2, Unknown

Alexander, Dalton E. E-8 1979-1981

Allen, Ray Cox'n. 1944-46 (Plank Owner)

Amsler, Robert H 0-3. 1967-69

Aspinwall, A. N. MS1. Unknown

Babcock R. A. EM3. Unknown

Baker, Chuck E4. 1966-67

Barry, M. P. EM2. Unknown

Basel John K. E-4. 1962-64

Bates, Donald H. JR. LTJG 1950-52

Baughman Michael L. ETR2. 1967-70

Beaird, A. W. OS3. Unknown

Bennett, B. W. SM1. Unknown

Bergeron, Stephen J. Unknown. 1979-82

Berry, V. R. MS3. 1976-80

Bibilone, R. P. EM3 Unknown

Bingham, Steven T. E-5. 1967-69

Bitney, R. C. HT2. Unkown

Bolden, William C. CS2. 1955-56

Bond, J. R. EN1. Unknown

Brooks, W. H. EN1. Unknown

Brown, James J. RMN2. 1943-46

Brown, Timothy J. LTJG.(XO) Unknown

Buckley, Lyle A. ETR2. 1964-67

Burnett, Adrien E4. 1950-51

Burns, James R. E-8. 1981-82

Burton, B. A. BM3, Unknown

Cadzow John RM3. 1964-67

Calhoun, Herb EM3. 1956

Calhoun, Ralph E5. 1964-67

Carlson, Raymond O. S1/C 1945-46

Carpenter Ralph EM2. 1964-67

Coleman, M. V. QMSN. Unknown

Colton, Dennis G.G. MS1. 1960-62

Crumley, Michael E6. 1981-83

Davis , Scott E-9. 1984-85

Dahlberg, M. K. HT3. Unknown

Davis, Norman C. SN. 1946-47

Davis, Scott E9. 1984-85

Devera, C. L. EN3. Unknown

Diaz, P. M. SN. Unknown

Dodson, Robert BMC(DV) 1956

Drugseth, D. N. QM2. Unknown

Egan, William R. EN3. 1967-70

Emons, Ronald E7. 1956-58

Ewing, James ETR2. 1958-61

Fleming, Kim C. E8. 1977-81

Flores,G. F. HT2. Unknown

Freeland, D. D. MSSN. Unknown

Fulps, Scott E-4. 1982-85

Geddes, Alan R. E8. 1959

Gempp, Robert EM1. 1952-53

Gooden Richard O. CO. 1961-63

Gorby Thomas J. E5. 1980-83

Gott, L. L. OS1. Unknown

Guidroz, H. T. SA. Unknown

Guthrie, Craig A. LTJG. 1963-66

Gwinn, Jerry ENC. 1978-82(found 12-05)

Hall, P. A. ENFN. Unknown

Hallenberger, D. L. EN1. Unknown

Hamilton, J. L. EN3. Unknown

Hanson, R. N. SK1. Unknown

Harney, M. A. FN. Unknown

Heffinger, Paul L. E4. 1965-67

Hines, Anthony E7. 1982-86

Hite, M. L. EN3. Unknown

Hight, Robert L. ENS.(SUP) Unknown

Holmes, Gary EN2. 1968-69

Holley, N. L. EN1. 1975-76

Hom, B. N. ETR2. Unknown

Hunt, Robert E3. 1952-54

Jenkins, Leonard D. E-6. 1981-85

Johnson, John W. E-9. 1969

Johnson 'Dale' Donald HT2 1969-73Reported back aboard-2006

Jones, Don L. EN1. 1970-74

Joy, Larry E4. 1968-70

Karpaty, J. G. PN2. Unknown

Krause, Victor J. RM2. 1961-62

LaDoucer John SN. 1962-64

Lamont, J. D. GMG3, Unknown

Ledbetter, D. L. GMG3. Unknown

Learned, Chuck R. YN3. 1949

Leek, A. C. FA. Unknown

Long, Peter A.C. LCDR.(CO) 1975-1977

Malone, Landre E-6. Unknown

Marchant, C. E. RM1. Unknown

Marshall, Steven R. E6. 1978-81

Marroquin, R. SN. Unknown

Martin, John T.O. LT.(CO) 1977-1978

Martin, Russell E4. 1982-84

Martinez, Ralph "Marty" BM1 1977-79

Mason, Greg W-3. 1974-76

McCloud, Clinton EN2. 1972-74Reported back aboard-2006

McDonald, J. A. ET1. Unknown

Mendigorin, R. D. Unknown

Nakahodo,P. T. FA. Unknown

Nelson, T. L. HT1. Unknown

Nicholai, D. L. EN3. Unknown

Nissen, William H. JR.(Skip) PNC. 1974-77

Oconnor, Jerry EM1. 1978-81

Parker, Randall W. E6. Unknown

Pelz, Robert JR. ETSN 1951-53

Peterson, Steve E-4. 1966-68

Plunkard, L. L. HM1. Unknown

Porter, James R. E-7. 1961-62

Porter, John BM2. 1944-46

Pospisil, M. J. SA. Unknown

Powell, E. L. ETN3. Unknown

Pruden, David L. DCC. 1961-64

PughR. E. ENFN. Unknown

Rader, R. G. RMSN. Unknown

Rader, Robert E-5. 1976-79

Ragone, Neil E6. 1979-82

Rauh, James QM3. 1954-55

Ring, R. J. ENC. Unknown

Robinson Gary E. EM1. 1980's(SELRES)

Rolw, Patrick J. LCDR. 1983-85

Salgat, E. S. SN. Unknown

Scavino, Albert V. EN2. 1950-54

Schamp, Richard L. CWO2.(Cheng) Unknown

Schluge, Leon Unknown. Unknown

Siador, C. B. EM3. Unknown

Simpson, Robert EM2. 1954-55

Smithwick, J. C. SKSN. Unknown

Stojeich, Charles A. Unknown 1951-53

Striegel, Don A. Unknown 1954-55

Taylor, James MM1/C 1944/46

Taylor, J. F. YN2. Unknown

Thomas, Wes EN2. 1963-65

Tilton, Denny G. E-5. 1968-70

Turner Mike RM2. 1968-70

Walker, Bob E5. 1964-67

Webster, K. R. ENFN. Unknown

Weddle, August SKC. 1964-65

Weichelt, Robert GMCM. 1947

Wheeler, James EN2. 1952-55Reported back aboard-2006

Whitney, Gwin LT. 1955-58

Whitson, Ike E4. 1962-64

Willis, Dan EN1, 1980's(SELRES)

Willis, HT2 1980's

Windham, Harold T. MM2/C 1944-46

Wooldridge, J. L. SK3. Unknown

Honorary Members


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