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The Plan of the Day

If we keep this up we'll have to start an award page all its own.

June 15th 2006
Vinnie Rosa, wife of Daniel A. Rosa, a plank holder on the Quapaw informed me
that Dan died in early June. He had been sick.
All our thoughts and love go to his wife and family.
Dan and Vinnie had hosted the Quapaw Reunion in 1995 in Newbergh, New York.
His easy smile and laughter will be missed by all who knew him.
If you wish to send condolences, Vinnie's address is:
Mrs. Vinnie Rosa, 151 Highland Ave, Marlboro, NY 12542.
Freda Stinson

February 5th 2006
Hi Marty,
Congratulations! You have a great site, and I am pleased to present you with
the Grunt's Web Award, if you choose to accept it.
The Grunt Award has been attached to this email.
Please save it to your web directory and upload it to your site.
Grunt's Military Site

January 18th 2006
Yet Another Award
Hi, We have reviewed your site and we would be honored to present you with the Patriot Website Award. To activate your award please copy and paste the code below into your website and reply to this email with the url. You will then be entered into our Patriot Award Winnerís web directory. Thank you for your hard work in support of our military.
Patriot Award Committee

January 12th 2006
Another Award
Congratulations, you have won the award for excellence in patriotism! Thanks for making the web a better
January 7th 2006
Another Award
We have reviewed your 'USS Quapaw ATF110/USS Moctobi ATF105' website, and you've been selected to receive our Golden Anchor Website Award for Patriotic Excellence. We've included an image, which you can post on your website. If you do choose to post this image, we would appreciate (but do not require) a link.

Dec. 27th 2005
Another Award
Congratulations, your well deserved Golden Griffin Award is attached!
Thank you for your brave service to our nation, your fellow veterans
and for having a website of excellence honoring all who serve!
Happy New Year! In Brotherhood, Grif.

Dec. 21st. 2005... Our site won an award which is now
posted on the Home page. It was awarded to us by the Association.
Here is the actual Email from them:
Congratulations on being selected as a top Navy site!
Our editors have selected your site as an award winner! recognizes you and your efforts to connect, inform, and honor
the military community. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our
Distinguished Navy Site Award.
Again, congratulations on a great Navy site!
Very Respectfully,
The Team

Dec. 22nd 2005...NEWS FLASH -- 2006 NAFTS Reunion being held in San Mateo, California.
This is in the San Francisco area. The dates are: October 11-16, 2006.
Make your reservations now:
The San Mateo Marriott Hotel
Cost: $85.00+tax/night includes Breakfast buffet
Tell them NAFTS sent you


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